Visual Identity





Kaha is the Māori word for strong, so when well known TV producer, Bailey Mackey approached RUN, he wanted to create a strong brand to represent his new production management software.

With the name linking to New Zealand, part of the brief was to create a brand with an international look and feel, not looking like it was just a kiwi brand.

The Kaha software makes it simple for production companies to manage projects, so we took inspiration from this and the simplicity of the word form and created a powerful, yet simple brand identity, including logo and complimentary pastel colour palette, to showcase the software to it's fullest. 

Because the brand will live mostly in the digital space we also created a branding system where still or moving imagery can be used within the logo to allow unlimited variations. This keeps the brand fresh, interesting, modern and multi-functional while also linking to the industry of their audience.