Weekly RUNdown


Here’s some of what’s been happening in our industry - advertising, design and digital - over the last week.

- We agree it’s time for charities to stop being afraid of their marketing spend - including one of our favourite TED talks ever! Read more.

- Mixing it up seems to be the way for some marketers since Zuckerbergs bombshell in January. Read more.

- One of the reasons we support work place experience and internships - a UK report shows design graduates lack real world skills - from our experience it’s also happening here in NZ.

- We enjoy watching interesting talks from industry leaders while we work and Unfiltered has some of the best. Yesterday it was announced Unfiltered is now 100% free, so we’ll definitely be working our way through all the talks. Check them out here.

- But first, today we’re watching highlights from the Adobe 99U Conference, live from New York, with talks, interviews, and portfolio reviews with some of the world’s leading creatives.

- Block chain myths and misnomers. Check out the article here.

- We’re not into buzzwords either – Pentagram’s Natasha Jen on ‘design thinking’. Read more.

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