Weekly RUNdown

Here’s some of what’s been happening in our industry - advertising, design and digital - over the last week.

-  The Scouts looks to become “cool again” with unified brand identity - nice one! See it here.

- Kiwi users get the ability to decide what’s hot or not as Facebook reveals the Dislike Button. Check it out here.

- In the wake of GDPR, here’s how to see the data that tech giants have about you.

-  First look at London Design Festival 2018, from installations to branding by Pentagram. See it here.

Article about if 'you are' using 'AR'. See it here.

- Techweek wrapup. See the what happened here.

- The Unfiltered conference was amazing! And there's still Friday's 'Party of the year' to attend as well. Check it out here.

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