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Here’s some of what’s been happening in our industry - advertising, design and digital - over the last week.

-  More than a koru, part one: What role does Māoridom play in New Zealand’s design identity? See the article.

- Facebook has announced they are taking significant steps to bring more transparency to ads on Facebook. This means that a user can now go to your Facebook business page and see every active ad you're currently running. Very interesting stuff! See it here.

- A collection of Sir Richard Branson’s favourite creative quotes. We love "You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." by Maya Angelou. See it here.

- A new trans-Pacific fibre-optic cable connecting New Zealand to Australia, the Pacific and onto the United States lit up on Monday, changing the way data travels around the Pacific. See the article.

- Research shows women and ethnic minorities not making it in design. See the article.

- What packaging materials can replace traditional plastics now? See the article.

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