Designer and Mum, and Everything In-between


Our Design Director and Founder Laura Cibilich was asked recently to share her thoughts on being a designer, a mum and everything in-between.

Some key comments from Laura:

  • I believe you can have it all – but you do need to have great people and support around you.
  • Becoming a mother has made my work more streamlined and brings in another perspective I didn’t have before having kids.
  • I know the traditional working role is shifting, but it’s happening very slowly. One of our company values is ‘family friendly’, and it’s something that has really resonated with clients, as well as our wider workforce. They feel welcomed, anytime and with or without their families, meaning they’re more comfortable, relaxed, driven and we’re finding it leads to a better outcome for all.
  • Overall there are positive trends currently happening in gender equality and diversity, as well as sustainability, all helping the shift to business not just being about monetary outcomes, although we still have a long way to go. Hopefully the design industry can take the next steps to help drive this change.

Read the full interview here.

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