'Broken Box' by Maria Philp


We’re super proud of our graphic designer Maria Philp being selected to exhibit her work 'Broken Box' in the Onehunga Arts Festival.

The significance of the malu (female specific tattoo of the Samoan culture) has changed over the years. Many people have interpreted it in their own way according to their values and experiences. This piece was inspired by Maria's mother who has been a strong female figure for her. She received her malu in 2005 as well as the title ’Tiumalu’ in 2008.

"Growing up, my mother’s malu has been my most fondest symbol of her. That symbol grew to bear the qualities of leadership, protection and pride as well as unconditional love and support - all in which I have received in abundance. This is why I have chosen to use its motifs in my art piece. The motifs form a broken box. This is to signify breaking free from gender roles and promoting acceptance amongst all cultures." - Maria Philp.

Be quick if you want to check it out (or buy one of her art prints) - the exhibition closes on Sunday!


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