RUN Campaign Offers ‘Pay What You Want’ For A Website

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In Aotearoa we are in unsettling times in life and in business. So, independent design and advertising agency, RUN has launched paywhatyouwant.co.nz, offering to build quality websites for businesses for a ‘pay what you want’ fee.

The award-winning agency has a few clients in the tourism sector, therefore has already lost a lot of business. But as creatives, they see these difficult times as a challenge. RUN’s core strengths are advertising campaigns, brand strategy and identity design, but they also offer websites as an add-on service for clients.

RUN Design Director, Laura Cibilich said “We’re a small team and this is a tough time for everyone, so we wanted to come up with a creative solution to use this period to help people and support other Kiwi businesses”.

To date the agency has worked with Auckland Council, Niue Tourism, 2degrees and the United Nations on large scale creative projects and has built websites for many clients, generally costing tens of thousands, but now they’re wanting to help smaller businesses that are hurting right now.

“One of our long-standing values at RUN is ‘family friendly and real’, so we’re used to working with kids and dogs around as well as remotely sometimes, which is a bonus given the current lockdown” said Raymond McKay, RUN Creative Director. Businesses interested in taking up the ‘pay what you want’ offer can visit paywhatyouwant.co.nz

We’d love to have a kōrero about your next project!

Raymond McKay
Chief Creative Officer
+64 211 750 941
Laura Cibilich
Design Director
+64 211 100 737