The initial launch is made up of three 60 second brand films. The films feature visitors to the island - real people not actors - who were happy to be filmed and allow us to let their stories be our inspiration. 

Launch events were held in Auckland and on-island in Niue. The initial campaign ran for six weeks across digital platforms and print media, and included the brand films as well as short form content and VR (to be used at trade shows and expos), with further content released over two years including outdoor advertising. This will be supported by a social campaign to create a ‘campfire’ community for storytelling. The campaign has been developed to align with a new brand strategy, an accumulation of 12 months of research and work between RUN and Niue Tourism, distilled down into the simple truth – ‘Nowhere like us’. This will form the central thought to how the island will be stepping forward as a destination, featuring in all future promotions.