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Rhodes Physiotherapy is a practise based in Auckland, with a young, vibrant team, experienced in sports physiotherapy. They came to RUN wanting an identity that stood them out from the typical stylised sports figures that are all too familiar in their industry. They wanted a look that was fresh and different from the rest, yet still said physiotherapy. In our initial briefing meeting with the client we pulled out the phrase ‘movement for life’, which formed part of their focus. They loved the idea of using the human form, although somewhat stereotypical in the physio world, so needed to twist this in an interesting way. With da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in mind we unearthed some vintage engraved illustrations, from various encyclopaedias and medical dictionaries dating back to 1851, then refined them further to form a set. After seeing a wall of green and blues in physiotherapy brands during our research we decided that red was much more closely aligned to the idea of the human form and obvious as it is what rushes through our veins. So a red circle was added to each, referencing another industry commonality of a pain point. Along with strong, simple typography, these elements came together to form the basis of the Rhodes Physiotherapy identity, solving the client brief by creating an engaging identity with an original twist on the usual. This was then rolled out across stationery, signage, brand books, digital and products.

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Chief Creative Officer
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Design Director
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