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Campaign, Video, Digital, Billboards, Print, Radio, Photography

The Covid-19 lockdown was like torture for New Zealanders, who love to travel. The catalyst behind this campaign was the idea of reflecting the feeling of the nation - by transporting people from the confines of the many boring Zoom meetings that became part of the vernacular, out into nature. Using drones and typical Zoom backdrops for calls, the video starts with a catchup among friends, and all of a sudden the trick is revealed as the drone reverses backward and reveals the wondrous backdrop of the Ruapehu region. The campaign includes fly fishing, cycling on the famous Timber Trail, other popular landmarks and hiking. In essence, the idea was a surprise-and-delight kind of campaign with a nice pay off of showcasing the area and in an original way. The campaign was rolled out across social, digital, billboards, print and radio, and was nominated as a finalist in the Ad Stars 2020 awards.

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