National Geographic Behind-the-scenes

Niue Tourism recently had the honour of hosting esteemed National Geographic photographer, Jonathan Irish.

RUN were on island with Jonathan to art direct and capture him in his element.

We shot him in action and made a short behind the scenes film of his time in Niue. The film shows a romanticism and visceral experience for the viewer, void of all cliches one attributes to the Pacific. Along with photographs we took, the film formed strong content for social media, giving viewers a teaser and taste of what's to come.

This project is just the start of a wider strategy to refresh and reposition the Niue Tourism brand, showcasing this unique Pacific Island in a new light.


RUN has worked with renowned New Zealand fashion designer, Kylee Davis on a number of campaigns.

Each season we design and concept a new look book, online banners, website graphics, e-newsletters, signage, instore graphics, invitations and more. An new illustrator,  font and colour palette are chosen to reflect the look of each collection. All elements come together to create a fresh, modern look, right on trend for each season, very important in the fast paced world of fashion.

Popular and talented illustrator Kelly Thompson created illustrations for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which we brought through to the campaign designs, to tie it all together. A fun font was chosen to reflect the look of the colourful collection, and all elements came together to create a fresh, modern look, right on trend for the season.


Arthur Eckstein Watch repairs

Arthur Eckstein has been making and repairing watches for over 45 years. He has up until recently run a very successful watch business in Milford, Auckland. Arthur came to RUN and asked us to create him a simple brand that wasn't flashy, but had an air of distinction and class. We created a very simple logotype and paired this with a subtle brand colour palette. The two elements went very nicely with some clean watch imagery


YAY Project

‘YAY!’, a large, sculptural, moving artwork that references a Christmas tree ornament, spelling out 'YAY!' from both front and back as it spins. The artwork formed part of the ARTvent project at Auckland’s Silo Park, in Wynyard Quarter and expresses the happiness of holidays, summer and Christmas. YAY! plays with type, reflection, shadows and the ideas of 2D becoming 3D.


Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours

Storytellers approached RUN with their exciting and unique brief to create the branding and identity for their eco cycle tour company based in Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, the first of its kind on the island. 

The catalyst for the design solution was to keep the brand looking natural, with the logotype being designed as if one of the local shop owners lovingly hand painted a sign themselves. We developed complementary typography and a natural based colour palette for the brand to capture the relaxed nature that these islands are so famously known for, and to reflect the authentic, but fun nature of the tours. The end result is a fresh yet not too unfamiliar look that stands out as a unique, fun activity for holiday goers.


KAHA Software

Kaha is the Maori word for strong, so when well known TV producer, Bailey Mackey approached RUN, he wanted to create a strong brand to represent his new production management software.

With the name linking to New Zealand, part of the brief was to create a brand with an international look and feel, not looking like it was just a kiwi brand.

The Kaha software makes it simple for production companies to manage projects, so we took inspiration from this and the simplicity of the word form and created a powerful, yet simple brand identity, including logo and complimentary pastel colour palette, to showcase the software to it's fullest. 

Because the brand will live mostly in the digital space we also created a branding system where still or moving imagery can be used within the logo to allow unlimited variations. This keeps the brand fresh, interesting, modern and multi-functional while also linking to the industry of their audience. 


Art in the dark

A giant, interactive, projecting kaleidoscope installation at Art in the Dark.


Onespace Fitness

UK based gym brand OneSpace Fitness approached us to refresh their brand to reflect their company’s growth and new offering. 
Our research into this brand directed us to a great story of how the owner started his gym by simply taking fitness programs on the top of the Malvern Hills, a well known landmark in the area. We used this ‘one space’ as the inspiration behind the design of this exciting brand. The logo incorporates not only links to the mountains, but the geometric shapes of the weights found in the gym, as well as the monument that sits atop the hills. A library of brand images was created with art direction by RUN, to use for the advertising and PR launch and for internal signage throughout the gym.


Smirnoff Weird Night Out

Award-winning production company Celery Productions, 
best known for the AUT Art & Design Festival and Art in the Dark, tasked RUN with creating some kooky designs for the Smirnoff 'A Weird Night Out'. This event also marked the re-opening of Auckland's iconic St James theatre. This beautiful, historic venue featured three gigantic mirrors and we couldn't help but think that these mirrors would have seen a lot in their time, giving them a character of their own. From this insight we brought the relics to life. We wrote some cheeky lines, like the mirrors were talking and designed these using bespoke typography, letting the mirrors interact with visitors at the event. This project was so successful and loved, the St James asked for the decals to be left up permanently.


Matiu Identity

Matiu is a traditional Maori artist based in Auckland, Aotearoa, with over 20 years experience in Kowhaiwhai, Whakairo and Waka construction. Matiu approached RUN to create an umbrella identity he could launch all of his work under. His goal as an artist was to cross over into the more conceptual world of art, which brings together his Maori and European heritage. 
A logo mark was created to represent his Maori heritage with an abstract Kowhaiwhai pattern, as well as symbolise the traditional badge insignia found on the coat-of-arms of many European family crests. The tip of the logo mark also represents the carving tools Matiu uses when creating his artworks. RUN also art directed a photo shoot and retouched the images, to create a tone for the display of his artworks and brand imagery.


K & L Tech

K & L Tech are an IT firm that have been around for over 10 years. And it was about time for them to talk about it. K & L approached RUN to help them establish a modern yet professional presence on the web. We created a fresh new look giving their audience a clear portal into what they offer, without cluttering it like most IT companies we had researched.

K & L Tech-1.jpg
K & L Tech-2.jpg
K & L Tech-1.jpg
K & L Tech-4.jpg

Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal

RUN were devastated by the destruction and loss Cyclone Pam caused and wanted to show their support for their friends in Vanuatu by using their creative skills to help make a difference. The design is an abstract, geometric ‘V’ for Vanuatu, bringing in colours from the islands and alluding to the native Bird of Paradise flower. Inspired by Vanuatu, while being modern enough for any kiwi home or bach. 100% of the proceeds of all sales went to the Red Cross.


Mining Accomodation Solutions

Mining Accommodation Solutions (MAS) spotted a gap in the market for accommodation targeting and marketing to mining companies in regions around Australia. We were approached by MAS to create a solid, modern, yet reliable identity. By playing with the company name acronym letterforms we created a clean simple logo mark. The dusty orange colour was used to reflect the geographical area and terrain of a lot of mining regions. This clean, fresh look was then applied throughout the stationery and collateral.


Burger King

The team at RUN were asked by Colenso BBDO to create the typographic cover for a marketing guide fit for a king - Burger King. The guide needed to have a modern look, without being too corporate. After sinking a few Whoppers we used the mustard and sauce as the catalyst for their design. We filled a bunch of mustard and sauce bottles and began squirting.
The guide was distributed to every Burger King franchisee store owner in New Zealand and the mustard lettering was a big hit with the BK marketing team and franchisees involved.

RUN-Burger King-1.jpg
RUN-Burger King-3.jpg
RUN-Burger King-2.jpg

Native Workshop

RUN were approached by architectural & interior designers, Native, a young practise with offices in Melbourne and Auckland. The problem they had was that they had no photographic imagery of any finished projects, which isn't ideal when clientele base their decisions on the finished product. Knowing their designers had been involved with award winning work, we decided that the ephemeral drawings and architectural sketches could be used in a stunning and dramatic way. We showcased projects in full in a scrolling banner on the home page to build a picture of the type of work this practise created. Each project was given a status to show where they were in the process, from town planning to the construction phase.


Shanks Xmas Gift

In the spirit of giving around the holiday season, we decided we were going to express our 'shanks’ to all of our clients for their business IN 2015. Each client received his or her gourmet lamb ‘shanks’ in a wooden case, custom stamped with the message ‘SHANKS from Designstein’. Traditional brown butcher’s paper was customised with our in-theme meat cleaver pattern design and finished off with a card to tie it all together. The gift was well received and many shanks were enjoyed and devoured.


Raynor Dunn Fine Artist

Raynor Dunn, a fine artist based in New Zealand, came to us wanting a brand identity to represent his collection of fine sculptural artworks.  We adopted a very minimal approach for this project as not to visually overtake or compete with the artist’s work. Business cards were letter pressed to reflect the quality and handmade nature of Raynor’s artworks. The brand minimalism was also reflected through the simplicity of the website we developed.


Shangrala Homes

Shangrala Homes NZ, a new building and construction company based in Auckland, wanted to create a brand that would stand out from the more traditional building companies. We created a fun and friendly brand, using strong, bold typography with a friendly personality, that could be communicated across a wide range of collateral and advertising communications, including business cards, flyers, signage and website we developed for the company.